Maybe, Just Maybe, We Should Try Regulating Banks and Railroads

And leave women and drag queens alone?

Evan Charles Wolf
3 min readApr 4, 2023
East Palestine, OH Associated Press Digital License

I know, this is crazy talk, but just hear me out. Certain political leaders are staking their careers on protecting us from the ill-defined dangers of Drag Queen Story Hour and letting women decide whether or not to give birth, so I have to imagine that these are real, existential threats to all of us and not just cheap political theater designed to distract and divide.

But even so, can’t we carve just a little time out to acknowledge that Ohio had a mushroom cloud of toxic gas over East Palestine last month, multiple derailments since, and that the company responsible essentially said, “Oops! Trains are hard! And we didn’t break the law, so…”. They can still mislabel cargo, operate without advanced breaking systems on poorly maintained tracks, and force workers to go without sick days.

Now I ask you, what is more dangerous, a male performer dressed up as a princess reading Charlotte’s Web to some grade-school kids, or a tanker full of a chemical that takes 45 letters to spell exploding in your back yard?

And the bankers! Those lovable, greedy little scoundrels. What will they think of next? Why it seems like just yesterday that the global economy was brought low by the largest banks playing…