What’s it worth to be the 50th Democrat in a razor-thin majority? What can you ask for in exchange for your support, and how long can you expect to be the belle of the ball?

We live in strange times. A portion of the electorate are taking orders from an anonymous internet lunatic obsessed with pedophilia, the disgraced former president is hunkered down in a Florida resort claiming he is going to be “reinstated” any day now, and citizens of West Virginia are demanding to…

A militarized police force can handle military accountability

Police, Photo Elaine Thompson/AP

The trial of Derrick Chauvin has concluded with the jury finding the defendant guilty on all counts. For most of America, this was welcome news, if not exactly joyful. For a small minority, it was an ominous development. Many had mixed feelings. Was this justice for George Floyd, or just…

Evan Charles Wolf

Failed soldier, professor, and politician.

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